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59er Golden Reunion Directory
59er Golden Reunion Directory

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Reunion 2007 Delhi Chapter Dinner

Thank you to 49ers Yezad Kapadia and Jamshed Desai, as well as 64er Deepak Deshpande (Palmer) for this input.

Isn't to see how great our 49ers are keeping the school flag and our school spirit flying high, even as far as Delhi!

Standing: 55er Anil (Bobby) Bhalla, Commander Ranvir Khosla, Jaidev Ranade, Sunita Khosla, Vinita Ranade, 49er Jamshed Desai, Malti Sayal, Commodore Jaipal Sayal, Krishna Jaitly, 49er Raj Bhandari, Dellinder Kohli, 49er Yezad Kapadia, Rati Kapadia, Kersi Dubash & 54er Ravi Jaitly Sitting: Prakash Bhandari, Jaya Bhandari, Madhu Gurtu, Kuldip Gurtu & Manya Patil Seth

Dear Jacob,

As you are aware, the Delhi Chapter had organised our Founder's Day Dinner at Jamshed Desai's home. Jamshed had very kindly agreed to host the occassion.

The Dinner was very well attended - 24 of us old Cathedralites & spouses got together to celebrate !

On behalf of Yezad Kapadia, I am sending you herewith photographs of the Dinner, with a request that these may please be posted on your 'Seventh Heaven' blog.

Deepak A Deshpande
Managing Director
METLLOY Overseas Private Limited

Commodore Jaipal Sayal, Rati Kapadia & 49er Silla Dubash (née Vakil)

54er Ravi Jaitly, 55er Anil (Bobby) Bhalla, 49er Raj Bhandari & Kersi Dubash

Malti Sayal, Krishna Jaitly & Commodore Jaipal Sayal

Dellinder Kohli, Madhu Gurtu, Kuldip Gurtu & Malti Sayal

49er Yezad Kapadia & Prakash Bhandari

54er Ravi Jaitly 64er Deshpande & 49er Raj Bhandari

54er Ravi Jaitly, Jamshed 49er Desai (our host) & 49er Raj Bhandari

49er Raj Bhandari & Kersi Dubash

Prakash Bhandari & Rati Kapadia

54er Ravi Jaitly, Jaya Bhandari, 49er Jamshed Desai, Kadhambari Chintamani, Jaidev Ranade & Kuldip Gurtu

Prakash Bhandari, Rati Kapadia & Madhu Gurtu

55er Anil (Bobby) Bhalla, Commodore Jaipal Sayal & Malti Sayal

49er Silla Dubash (née Vakil), Vinita Ranade & Jaya Bhandari

Kadhambari Chintamani, (hidden - Jaidev Ranade & Kuldip Gurtu), 49er Jamshed Desai & 54er Ravi Jaitly

Prakash Bhandari, Rati Kapadia & Jaya Bhandari

Kadhambari Chintamani, Kuldip Gurtu & 49er Yezad Kapadia

(Background - 49er Silla Dubash (née Vakil) & Kuldip Gurtu), 54er Ravi Jaitly & Kadhambari Chintamani

Jaidev Ranade, Krishna Jaitly, 55er Anil (Bobby) Bhalla & 49er Jamshed Desai

Malti Sayal, 49er Silla Dubash (née Vakil), 55er Anil (Bobby) Bhalla & Manya Patil Seth

54er Ravi Jaitly, 49er Jamshed Desai, Prakash Bhandari & 49er Yezad Kapadia

Kadhambari Chintamani, Jaya Bhandari, (Background - Kuldip Gurtu), 55er Anil (Bobby) Bhalla & Rathi Kapadia

Standing: Sunita Khosla, Jaidev Ranade, 64er Deepak Deshpande, Commodore Jaipal Sayal, 49er Jamshed Desai, Malti Sayal, Krishna Jaitly, 49er Silla Dubash (née Vakil), Dellinder Kohli, 55er Anil (Bobby) Bhalla, 49er Yezad Kapadia, Kersi Dubash Sitting: Rati Kapadia, Commander Ranvir Khosla, Prakash Bhandari, Jaya Bhandari, Madhu Gurtu & Kuldip Gurtu

Wish I had been there as I am sure several others around the world would have been so wishing.

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Anonymous said...

interesting read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one know that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.