59er Golden Reunion Directory

59er Golden Reunion Directory
59er Golden Reunion Directory

Sunday, April 21, 1996

SH-Issue 1: 960421

Hi Web-surfing Cathedralites,

I am glad that I found the list of all you youngsters being maintained by 94er Vikram Somaya.

Cathedralite 94er Vikram Somaya

94er Vikram Somaya Photographer: Unknown

I received and read with interest the newsletter being sent out by 93er Vivek Sikri. I hope those of you Cathedralites who have not registered will do so by visiting the site.

What is Seventh Heaven?

When I was in the Seventh Standard in Cathedral School in 1955, the late Mr. W. H. Thompson was our classmaster.

Cathedral Master the late Mr. W. H. Thompson

The late Mr. W. H. Thompson

He suggested we start a class magazine. It was great fun as we put together stuff, typed and wrote it onto stencils with some nice drawings for the cover, and sure enough we had a nice magazine which we brought out every couple of weeks. Of course, when we left the Seventh Standard it died a natural death, but the title of the magazine remained in my mind.

Our class which passed out in 1959 was a great one and I hope over the next few issues to tell you some of our escapades and successes on this page. Many of you may know the sons and relatives of those who were with me during that time.

I hope you will enjoy this page as much as I shall enjoy putting it together. I hope to share with you some stories about our the Headmaster, Mr B. G. Gunnery, Vice Head and character extraordinaire - the late Mr. Stan (Pop) Pharoah, and of course details of several of our seniors and juniors, many of whom have done as well as most of us in our class.

Cathedral Principal B. G. Gunnery

Cathedral Principal
Mr. B. G. Gunnery
(1953 - 1965)

Cathedral Vice Principal the late S. Pharoah

Cathedral Vice Principal
the Late S. Pharoah

I hope to update this page every two weeks and also to maintain an archive of the stories that I put up. Presently the archive address is the same as this one, and only after I see what sort of response we are getting will I decided on whether to split it or leave it as a big master file. (Now it is this blog.)

I would be grateful if some of you would send stories about your time in Cathedral so that those of us from the distant past can get a flavour of what happened after our time.

Best regards

Jacob Matthan
1959 Batch
Savage House Captain 1959
Cathedral and John Connon School
Bombay, INDIA