59er Golden Reunion Directory

59er Golden Reunion Directory
59er Golden Reunion Directory

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another Cathedralite moves on

On September 29th I said a quiet word of prayer for Michael Colaco, a great 58er who passed on a year ago.

Today, I received this from 57er Budni (Behram Badhniwalla) in Pune:

Hi All!

The following message was received by me from Pramilla:

"Budhni, a quick note to tell you Sunder Vaswani passed away a few days ago in Bombay.
Maybe you would like to inform people through your mailing list.



This is for all those who knew him!
May his soul rest in Peace!


I did know Sunder and echo Budni's prayer.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Finally it is done...

Many hundreds of you have been asking me to email you whenever I make a new entry on my blogs.

Now I have taken steps to ensure that every time I update my blogs, you will get an email.

However, you have to do something IF you want this to happen.

You will find on each blog page a small box just below the link to view my profile.

You have to enter your email address where you want to be informed into that box and send it so that Change Monitor can do the necessary entries.

Only enter this information for the pages that you really want to monitor.

I do not want your email Inbox filled with these update messages!

Monday, September 04, 2006

A Book Review...

(Cross-posted on the Kooler Talk Blog.)

Many thanks to Cathedralite 49er Naval Patel in Mysore for sending me a scan from Bookwatch - which is a short review of Cathedralite 57er / Stephanian 61er Ashok (Tony) Jaitly's book about our alma mater which I have covered in an earlier blog entry.

Naval identified Tony because he had read about him on this blog. This would be natural as Naval was 8 years senior to Tony. However, it is likely Naval knew of Tony's elder brother, Ravi, who was also a great sportsman, like Tony.

But more in tune with Naval's interest - CRICKET, I did tell him that Tony's sister, School Captain of 1960, Jotysna, married my classmate Siddarth Singh, who was from Doon School and an outstanding fast bowler.

However, Siddarth, although greatly admired by both Prem Bhatia and Inderjeet Singhji (both Stephanian and Indian cricketers), chose to join the Indian Foreign Service and ended his career as the Indian Ambassador in Japan (I think - as it was from there that I had a very interesting phone call from Tony's son when he came across my Cathedral and Stephanian websites which preceded these blogs!).

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mumbai Cathedralites in for some Ecstasy!

69er Prakash Thadani just checked in from Mumbai to inform me that he and his friends will be performing at the "Not Just Jazz By the Bay" on Saturday 9th Sept and the program kicks off at 10 pm. This extract dated 2003 is about the Restaurant is from the internet. Hope someone can give me an update on it.

In the beginning there was Jazz by the Bay. For over two and a half years, it catered to the Jazz loving audience of Mumbai by featuring live Jazz performances every night. The Jazz lovers lapped it up. Unfortunately, the numbers of Jazz fanatics in Mumbai dwindled and as the clientele got younger and the younger clientele got richer, there was a demand for more variety in the music. Thus two years ago, the prefix Not Just got added to the name and was born Not Just Jazz by the Bay. They have live performances seven days a week. Four days a week there is a live band, twice a week is the Karaoke night and there also is one solo performance per week. The music could be rock, blues, fusion and yes, jazz. Some of the better bands of Mumbai play here. The crowd is motley of the young and the not so young. Actually, more of the latter. From 12 to 3.30 in the afternoon, Not Just Jazz by the Bay has a soup, salad, sandwich and dessert buffet. (Rs. 223/- inclusive of taxes). Timings : 6 pm to 2 am. All credit cards accepted. Valet parking.

# Theme: Live Music
# Address: Soona Mahal, 143 Marine Drive, Mumbai 400 020
# Phone: 282 0957, 285 1876 Fax:202 4103

I asked Prakash make it live on the internet so that we could join in from all corners of the globe. Several Cathedralites are involved with this event.

The technology is quite simple and it can be done with a good webcam and a solid broadband connection.

If Prakash has a Mac it is real simple using the Quicktime Broadcaster software!!

Maybe someone can post me a report of the event for us.