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59er Golden Reunion Directory

Friday, December 28, 2001

Newsy Notes 004 - By Popular Demand

Dear Friends,

A Friend

A friend is like a flower, A rose to be exact,
Or maybe like a brandnew gate That never comes unlatched.
A friend is like an owl, Both beautiful and wise.
Or perhaps a friend is like a ghost, Whose spirit never dies.
A friend is like those blades of grass You can never mow,
Standing straight, tall, and proud In a perfect little row.
A friend islike a heart that goes Strong until the end.
Where would we be in this world If we didn't have a friend?

I have been inundated by email from ladies across the globe who want
to see a picture of Annikki's prize-winning 2001 Ginger Bread House
Cake. I am, therefore, attaching the picture of her year 2000 creation
which is a peculiar type of a Finnish Barn which stores the hay
through winter.


Latto by Annikki Matthan (2000) - Gingerbread Creation

It is called a Latto and the construction is remarkably simple. The green
hay is the green (and yellow) string sweets that children love. The kids
just adored this simple design.

The second photograph is the 2001 creation of a Laplander's wigwam,
known in Finland as a "Kota", which won the competition this year.
There are some new and unusual features, something she does every
year and which gets copied by others in subsequent years.
Finnish Kota

Kota by Annikki Matthan (2001) - Gingerbread Creation

This year she made the candle holder (which is very traditional one at
Christmas where they make blocks of ice and keep them at the front
gate with candles burning inside them) out of eucalyptus sweet balls
she stuck together. But the real masterpiece was the ice pond she made
in front of the wigwam which showed the reflection of the burning
candle and the distant sun or moon as you prefer (which is not visible
in this picture). She made the pond by melting and spreading the
eucalyptus sweet evenly on a piece of gingerbread. The fireplace inside
the wigwwm was also unique, but it is not visible in this shot.

Her prize winning creation for 1998 has been on the web for a couple of
years. In 1999 she missed the competition as we were holidaying in
India (as will be remembered by those who attended the 40th year
reunion of the Cathedral School Class of 1959).

Annikki's unique creations of cakes include a enormous turtle on the
beach she made as a 5 kg birthday cake for Kachum, the 4 year old son
of Michelle, the local Chinese restaurant owner here in Oulu (who is a
girl from Calcutta).
Kachun Birthday Cake Annikki 2000

Birthday Cake for Kachun, "Turtle on the seashore"

Grandson Samuel's 1st birthday cake which was a 4 kg creation of
tree stump with a crow's nest and eggs and a beautiful meringue
moulded and carved chocolate coated crow on it.

Another masterpiece for Samuel's 3rd birthday which was an
enormous snowman whose black hat was made by crotcheting the
string liquorice sweet.

All her creations are being compiled into a book and I will publish it
during one of the coming years.

I was greatly honoured to be asked By Antony Ramsingh to attend the
reunion of the Class of 54 which may be held in England. I am sure I
will be able to make the trip as I can take the time to spend some
time with my granddaufghter, Asha, at Birmingham.

I have also been pushed with requests for copies of the programme
brochures of the Cathedral school plays. I will try my best to put
these up soon. I am also most gratful for others who have offered to
send me copies of the memorabilia that they have. The Arctic Museum
of my interests is not going to be a dream for long!!

So far the guesses as to the characters who played various parts in
the play have not come anywhere near the facts. Only one, the most
popular Cathedralite ever, the late Tara Malkani, has been guessed by
many. That really shows his fame. Some of you guessed that Ashok
Jaitly had played the role of Aladdin - not so. He did act in the play
but as one of the Guards. He also acted in "The King of Sherwood
Forest" as one of the Alto Maidens but by the time of "Ali Ba! Ba! or
the Forty Black Sheep" he had become a Tenor and acted as one of the
forty black sheep!! Others named Colin Hunter as Ali Ba! Ba! - but he
played Sir Richard Lea, Badmanazar and Hassarac in the three plays.
Still others guessed Herbert Vaney, but he played Dorothy, Bu-Tea
(Laundry Student) and an Alto girl from one of the various nations,

Keep those entries coming in as that Alvar Aalto glass vase is a rare
and beautiful specimen. I am keeping the competition open till the
end of January 2002.

Many of you asked more about Tony Jaitly. Tony was with me not only in
Cathedral but also at St. Stephen's. I did meet up with him many many
years later when he was the Private Secretary (non-pollitical) to
George Fernandes at the Ministry of Industry at the time of the Janata
Government. His wife, Jaya, was in politics and the former Samata
Party president, and his daughter, Aditi, recently married cricketer,
Ajay Jadeja. (There is no truth in claim that Celina Jaitly is Jaya's
and Tony's daughter.) This is the description of Tony as it appears
on the Rediffusion.com pages:

"Suave and powerful, Ashok Jaitley is chief secretary of (Indian) Jammu
& Kashmir.  In control of the civil service, he sits quite literally
at the apex of local government.  Jaitley is an institution in
Kashmir, having been around for many years.  He lives in a beautiful
mock-Tudor mansion by Dal Lake, which was used as a set in the
Bollywood movie, Mission Kashmir.  It also used to be - so it is
alleged - an interrogation centre in the early 1990s.  Jaitley is as
interested in sorting out the economic mess that is Kashmir as he is
in fighting militancy.  With Farooq Abdullah and Giresh Saxena, he is
one of the key decision-makers in Kashmir."

We are having a very very cold season. Yesterday, Annikki and one of
her younger sisters refused my offer to drive them to town to attend
the post-Christmas Sale shopping spree - they decided to walk the
couple of kilometres!! On the way back they were so frozen the called
me from a restaurant to go and pick them up. When they reached home
and thawed out, they found they had left one shopping bag somewhere,
so I drove them back. It was not in the restaurant or the locker in
the shop, but unknowingly they had left it in the middle of the
pedestrian pathway when they had stopped to warm their hands. And it
was still there about an hour after they had left it there!!

Some problems with email addresses:

Viney and Purnima Sethi's email to bigfoot is being redirected to
earthlink and bouncing from there. I have changed the email address to
hotmail as advised by Piloo. However Newsy Notes 003 has not been
sent to this address. Naval Patel's mantraonline account is so full
that all mail is being bounced. Will someone tell him as he is
happily sending out mail from there and wondering why he is not
getting mail from me!!

Hrushit Bhatt's email address at usa.net has lapsed, as has many others,
so could he please be informed by Rohit or someone else who knows
his present whereabouts (in Delhi, I think).

Dr. John David's email address at yahoo is bouncing email, so will
someone please tell him to send me his new address. It may be a
temporary error, so I am sending this message to him also in the hope
that it gets through.

Willie and Pushpa from Canada sent me this short note:

Dear Jacob,

I do feel as though some thing is missing when I don't hear from you
for a while. Thanks for the mail that arrived yesterday. Will write a
proper reply when this Xmas rush is over


Thanks Willie. It is nice to get such a compliment. But I do wish
someone would tell me once in a while what a horrible guy I
am, bringing all this rubbish and smut onto the internet and
wasting their bandwidth. :-)

Eddie in Salt Lake City is waiting to see (the Finns win medals at the
winter olympics! It will take a few years for the Finns to come back
to par in this sports field after this year's dpping scandal of all
the very top of their sport (sportsmen and women, doctors and
coaches as well) at the World Winter Sports Championships
held in Lahti, Finland, last January.

Thank you for the many offers to help me run my web magazines. The
editorial content is not the problem as there is so much great input
from all of you that I am never short of matter. What I need is
someone who is computer and web savvy to redesign the original pages,
take the old issues on the web and set them up again so that the
content can be found easily and also take all the past issues of these
occasional newsletters and set them up to complement the web page

Once that is done it should be possible to add the new content fairly

By the way, if you want me to share your email address with others, you
must explicitly give me permission to do so. Also, I only have the
office email addresses of several of you. Please give me your private
ones as I hate to send these crummy emails to your offices addresses.

Hope you enjoy the photographs.

Best regards

Jacob Matthan
Savage House Captain 1959
Oulu, Finland

Saturday, December 22, 2001

Newsy Notes 003 - My Season's Greetings

Dear Cathedralite friends far and wide,

"Age is of no importance unless you are a cheese"
wrote Billie Burke.

I promised this issue would stew up the nostalgic juices -
I hope I succeed.

This time of the year, in this snow and ice fridge, is
one of great loneliness as the dark nights creep in on us
by 2 in the afternoon. The shortest day ended yesterday
so now we look forward to the ever lengthening albeit
substantially colder days.

My sense of time is all hay-wire. I wake up at about 2:30 am
and I am at my computer keyboard hammering away on my
forthcoming books. I have been commissioned to write a
handbook on a plastics processing technique on which I may have
some little experience. Delivery is as early as March 2003,
which means I have to complete about 2000 words every single
day for the next six months. Plus my non-fiction novel
(following George Bernard Shaw's advice: "If you cannot get rid
of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance."
) in two
languages is required to be made page ready by my publisher by
March 2002. That is also a Herculean task.

So you wonderful guys and gals will have to forgive me if I do
not update the Seventh Heaven web pages as I would like to.

I am grateful to 57er / 59er Abe Hayeem who sent me the original
programmes of three school plays in Mint Condition: The 1954
production of "The King of Sherwood" written by Fred Edmonds
with music by Thos Hewitt; the 1955 production of "Aladdin and Out", a
comic opera in three acts, again by Fred Edmonds and Thom Hewitt;
and the 1956 classic production done jointly with the girls' school
of "Ali Ba! Ba! or The Forty Black Sheep". Wouldn't you like to
get your hands on these pieces of sheer gold.

It revived many memories for me as I joined school in 1954 and
remember the first play very vividly. I auditioned for it but
was not successful.

Many names are listed including Bashir Currimjee's two brothers
Mustan and Zulfee, Vijoy Nerurker, Sudhir Grover, Nazir Hoosein,
Frank Rozario, Clive Ciel, etc., etc. What a wonderful donation
from Abe.

I wonder how many of you can recall who acted as Robin Hood?
One of the most popular Cathedralites ever, sadly no more.

The "Aladdin and Out" 1955 programme featured my name.

If any of you have read the Seventh Heaven online magazine,
I recall in one issue the most embarrassing moment of my life
while I acting in that play. Take a look and laugh yourself
to oblivion at my expense.

Large as life is my name in the lights as one of the Laundry
Students afterwards Court Ladies!! Aubrey Ballantine and Ellis
Hayeem were two of my colleagues in this role. Many recipients
of this Newsy Notes are listed there.

Wonder if any of you can guess who acted as Aladdin?

It revived memories of John Temple (whose mother was the Art
Teacher, a subject at which I was miserable - drawing a straight
line with the help of a foot ruler was a work of art for me).
No wonder I got a fabulous artist as a wife!! Unfortunately all
her best works have been appropriated by our daughter and adorn
her walls. Annikki (my better half if you had not guessed) has
just won - yet again - this year's prize for the best Ginger
Bread House cake - a fantastically designed completely edible
Finnish Laplander's Wigwam with the Lappish scenery to complement it.

And the Ali Ba! Ba! - recalls such names as Ashok (Tony) Jaitly who
is now serving as Chief Secretary in Kashmir (and whose son called
up to speak to me from Japan after reading an issue of Seventh
Heaven), Ramesh Punwani, Abey Stevenson, Charles, Herbert and
Magaret Vaney - Peter's family entourage.

Guess who acted as Ali Ba! Ba!? This is a difficult one but those with
good memories will certainly remember that outstanding performance.

The first person who submits all three names correctly (excluding Abe)
will be rewarded with a special Art Glass creation by Alvar Aalto of

If I have time I will recreate these publications on the Internet in
glorious colour. I will attempt it this coming year. It is one of my
New Year Resolutions.

Thanks to 59er Farhana, I was put in touch with another lovely 59er,
Narsys Irani. She and her husband are doctors in Toronto, Canada,
and as Farhana put it - they have two brilliant sons. Here was Narsys's
response to my last Newsy Notes. We have a wonderful email relationship
going on now as I have with so many of you. Her writing is so poetic.

Dear Jacob ,

Farhana forwarded one of your Cathedralite Newsletters.

I used to be Narsys Irani till 1969 Subsequently through the
Institution of Marriage I assumed the married name Narsys Punthakee...
and that is who I am to all those who know me. You may have to jog
my memory to help me remember who you really are. The only two male
classmates I can remember are Sunil Anand
(JM: it was Sudhir Anand),
And .....Shivdasani (JM: who could forget the debonair Vijay) from
our Physics class.

There was a Parsee math teacher in Cathedral school, Mr. Karkaria

(JM: my Additional maths teacher) whose son I met a year ago in Canada
while he was visiting from Singapore.

It is good to know you have taken it upon yourself to keep
Cathedralites alive in their old identity as Cathedralites. In our
various earthly identities,life appears to be diverse and mosaic......
and yet underneath all this outward show and drama we are ALL ONE. The
waves and the ripples are not atall anything other than the ocean. To
Know and experience This Supreme Truth is man's only salvation........
...to Peace and Bliss which dwells in his own heart and not in an
imaginary place we imagine to be heaven.

Once again, Jacob ,thank you for your input of "sharing in the caring".
You have touched our hearts!

Godluck and Godspeed !!


Narsys does not know that I do this for a very selfish reason. To
have fun and to recreate the lost brain cells due to my heavy drinking
habits which I stopped in toto 20 years ago. Reviving those old
memories has helped me restore about 85% of my damaged brain, but then
my 59er classmates always thought I was born with that damaged
brain!! :-)

Gracie Hayeem sent me this email and you will understand how close many
of our dear friends were to tragedy on September 11th and why I value
very dearly this online relationship with each and every one of you:


It sure is good to hear from you again. Missed hearing from you.

We are all fine here in California. But my sister Vilma, brother Ellis
and Benjie all live in Manhattan, on the easy side. We have been really
dazed by the events on the 11th. It took us a day to get in touch with
the family. Vilma watched from a big window with her 6 grade students
the actual events unfolding in front of their eyes. They actually saw
the planes crash into the buildings. Till today she cannot open her
windows. The smell and smoke radiates through. Ellis works one block
from the Twin T: and was late getting to work that day. He heard the
news and stayed home. Ben also lives a few blocks to the T:T: and
watched all from his window. He later on in the day caught much of
the aftermath on film. As a flight attendant myself, it was extremely
difficult visualizing the on goings. I have been as I think I mentioned
on a medical leave for 3 years now. Sure felt like getting  back.


Sister Sophie was not far behind in writing:

Dear Jacob,

Thank you so much for your 'comprehensive' newsletter! Yes, I am
a 49er!

And Benjie and Abe Hayeem are my brothers. Brothers Benjie and Ellis
live in New York. Vilma (sister) also lives in NY. I live in Simi
Valley in California as does my other sister, Gracie. I have been here
45 years!

I have always been in touch with my childhood best friend, Sheila
Contractor who was also a 49er, as is Leila Punjabi, Rashida Chinoy,
and Siloo Vakeel, who are all still in Bombay. Rumba Sabavala is in
Sri Lanka. I am afraid I do not know their married names. Sheila
lives in Vancouver, Canada and is married to Peter Vaney, thus Sheila
Vaney. Rita Moodlier lives in Canada too, and I do not know her
married name.

It's great that you are keeping us all in touch in this life, and I
applaud all your efforts. Unfortunately I lost touch for many years,
but appreciate all contact and news.

Thanks and hope to hear from you again! Right now we are in the midst
of the terrorist war and pray that America succeeds in their mission.

Best wishes,


After putting Yezad (Yesh) Kapadia in touch with Gracie and then him
getting in touch with Sheila, Yesh copied me his message to Sheila
Contractor of the reunion of the 49ers which was held in November. He
also mentioned that the 51ers also held their 3 day reunion a few days
later. In the meanwhile Peter Vaney did update me on their situation
in Canada.

Hello Sheila, 29.11.

We missed you at the class reunion last Sunday. It was a lively
affair at Vijay Ram's (also Wilson House, like you) place. He
has a lovely flat in El Cid on the 9th floor with a view of the
sea from two sides. Leela will give you a detailed account.
Silla (Vakil) was also there with her husband. Leela showed me
pictures of you and your family. You do not seem to have changed
much. Except for the white hair like mine. I should have
been a ble to recognize you had I met you unawares.

Apart from Murli Jumani, who passed away, and Sarosh Wadia who
continues to be in poor health, all who attended last time came
this time too. Moti Malani, who was not there last time (Wilson
House Captain), also passed away. Chottu Padamsee surprised us by
turning up at the last minute.

I also attended the Church Service which, as usual, was a stirring
experience. The School beat the Old Boys in the traditional cricket
match. The lunch at the then Girls' School (now the Middle School)
was delicious. Somehow or the other, they always prefer to have a
Parsi wedding menu. I can assure you that the food was far superior
to what we get to eat at the weddings!!

The class of 51 also had its reunion. It was a very lively affair at
the Yacht Club. Live band, dancing and all that. This class was a very
mischievous one and the girls used to tease the life out of us very
shy boys. For the dance they had invited representatives from other
classes too. They had a three day programme. They had a picnic at the
week end cottage of Rasheeda (Rahimtulla), somewhere across the harbour
and a trip to Matheran for a few days. Rashida is married to Yusuf
Curmally of Rhythm House.

Do let us know when you are coming to India next. May be we can
organize something when you are here.


The 59ers were out in force at the wedding of Ashok Kapur's daughter,
a 3 day extravaganza in Bombay in early December. One of the best
invitation cards that I have received.

The most newsy correspondent during the intervening period was none
other than Naval Patel. Here are his two inputs:

Dear Jacob, 14 Oct 01

Yezad Kapadia sent to you on 22 Apr comments on your Newsletter,
and marked a copy to me, to tap my recollections too. I was away
from my regular residence in Mumbai, on a visit with my daughter in
Mysore. Although my e-mail server had been instructed to forward
my mails to her system, it did so erratically and none of the
correspondence with you reached me there. Instead the wretched
bundle of circuits retained every message (even those which I
collected in Mysore) in its mailbox. All these then poured on to
me when I eventually returned home, which was only on 7 Oct, and
reconnected from here. Only then did I see your messages.

As introduction, I too was in the Class of 1949, a classmate of Yezad
Kapadia, Benjie Hayeem etc. I was at Bombay University until 1954,
then read Chemical Engineering at Loughborough College in
Leicestershire UK. From 1958 to 1990 I was with the ICI Group in
India, then with Tata Consulting Engineers until 1998. Now my wife
and I have leisure to visit our children at length - our son is with
United Airlines in Chicago - and watch as much cricket on TV as I can
keep awake for.

Regarding cricket, I too was in the School 1st XI in 1949, then played
for the Cathedral Old Boys as long as I was in Bombay. We entered the
Kanga League for the first time in 1954, in the 'D' Division which was
then the lowest one. We batted first in our opening match, and I had
the honour to face the first ball of the Association's competition
participation. My opening partner was Yukub Hamied, who as I recall
was familiarly called Yuku. He batted right handed and bowled left,
moderately quick by our experience in those days. Yuku would have
passed out of School in '52. Yusuf, I think, was his younger brother.

We won our first two matches outright i.e. a two-innings result within
the six hour playing time. The second of these matches actually
started only around 1 PM due to a wet ground, yet we won by an
innings after an enterprising declaration by our captain Mehli
Lalkaka, followed by brilliant bowling by him and Bobby Choonavala
(JM: My last contact with Bobby was in 1994 when he was Chief of Digital
in Singapore for the South Pacific and Asia regions) which devastated
the opponents, all out for 14 in mere 40 minutes!

I do not have details of further matches because I sailed for UK
{yes, actually by sea in those days, 17 days voyage!} immediately
thereafter. I do know that we topped our Division easily and were
promoted to 'C' Division. I think we did fairly well there too,
in 1955, but perhaps were just short of further promotion. Thereafter
I lost touch, but I believe migration of the principal players for
studies or jobs depleted the team severely, and they no longer
participated in the Kanga League after being demoted to the lowest

Incidentally my wife too is a Cathedralite, she was Armaity Mody at
School, a very successful athlete and netball player.

I recall Sophie Hayeem, she was either in our parallel class or just
a year junior. Heryounger sister Gracie was Armaity's classmate and
a very close friend in schooldays. We have had no touch with Gracie
since. I am sure Armaity will be eager to contact her if Sophie can
provide the link, so request Sophie to communicate with us directly

In your "Newsy Notes 008" you list that you are searching for Johnny
Jameson - 2. Would that be the Old Boy who has attained the highest
cricketing level of anyone of us - he played County cricket for
Warwickshire and was the England opening batsman in two Test Matches
against India in 1971.

ANother section in your Notes is

"Deceased Class Teachers - A Section

Mr. D. A. Timmins 1954
Mr. W. H. Thompson 1955
Mr. A. Glynne-Howell 1957
Mr. S. Pharaoh 1958"

The dates surely cannot imply the years of their decease, for I recall
meeting all of them myself at least until 1960. (JM: They were the
years they were MY Class Teachers!!) CJ Olliver was another of our
Masters, very respected and well beloved. Much later he became
Headmaster of St. Peters Byculla, and passed away in the second
half of the 1980s.

All regards

Naval Patel

And his second in response to my reply:

Dear Jacob,

You deserve gratitude from very many of us, for creating this
delightful CAT network. You must quickly have mentioned our
interest in Gracie Hayeem's whereabouts to Sophie, for
simultaneously with your reply to me we received an eager contact
from Gracie herself. Surely we shall keep touch now, computers
permitting - mine is grumbling presently.

Further example of the "small world" - Gracie told us she worked for
20 years with United Airlines; our son works in United Airlines' R&D
Group and so we travel only on their flights on visits to and within

So sorry you had disharmony with Gavin D'Costa. He received mails
addressed to me due to another manifestation of the incorrect response
from mantraonline software while I was with my daughter. To the best
that I can check, my mails are now reaching me and no one else, so
please do reinstate me on your mailing list.

Is Johnny Jameson really one of the present England cricket selectors?
I cannot recall seeing his name mentioned in this context, surely his
nomination would have registered specifically with me. His father
Jimmy was not only a Police Inspector, he was one of Bombay's
magnificent all-round sportsmen of the 1940s and 50s, rivalling for
acclaim as "best" our Cathedralite Leslie Woodcock. Jimmy just
marginally missed inclusion in the Indian Olympic hockey teams of 1948
and 1952, maybe through bias or regional "quotas" according to critics
of those days such as Bobby Taleyarkhan. Leslie was the better track
athlete, the two were equal club cricketers.

Brinda Somaiya led the restoration of the Boys' School building.
She presented its essence audio-visually to the alumni at the 1998
Founder's Day function. The old stone building in particular has
been excellently restored, and beauties that had been hidden from us
are now emphasized. Examples are the wooden buttresses and crown
above the main front staircase, and a stained glass panel that
stretches across the width of the building adjoining the inside wall
of what was for me the Physics Lab, on the first floor. Apparently
this panel had been boarded up "for protection" in 1914 and forgotten
about thereafter! All of us must have spent an year in that classroom
unaware of the existence of this beautiful work behind the lockers and
wooden partition at the back of the room.

Do you get much news of Indian sports achievements? The latest glory
has been our hockey team winning the Junior World Cup, held in Hobart.
The junior teams have been repeatedly successful - we won the Under
15 Cricket in 1996 (or was it 1997?) when we defeated Pakistan
comprehensively at Lord's, and won the Under 19 Cricket World Cup
last year in Sri Lanka when we beat Sri Lanka again most convincingly.
Apart from Paes and Bhupathi's tennis doubles triumphs, our other
successes at the top levels are occasional and individual performances,
no worthwhile team title since 1985.

Best regards and Diwali Mubarak

Naval Patel

Another correspondent was Rumi Kapadia who set me a travelogue of his
recent visit to Kerala:

Hi Folks

I have had a wonderful holiday in Kerala. In a few
moments, I shall be flying back to Bombay.

To start with, I could attend my Cathedral School
Founders' Day Service and see faces from 50 years ago
that I had not seen; then I could attend both the
Engagement and Wedding ceremonies of my classmate Jal
Tata's daughter. Call me a (male) chauvinist pig if
you like, but really no one holds weddings like the
Parsees! Then I met Suhas Phadke after 40 years, June
Hillel after perhaps 15 years, and will see Meyer
Hillel in Bombay on my return!

Kerala has really taken off for tourists; true, the
infrastructure could be better. I spent a night in a
treetop house and one in a houseboat on the backwaters
- both unique experiences, which I would only want for
one night. There is nothing to do after dark and
washing with cold water loses its attraction after 1
day! Both the Spice Village and Coconut Lagoon
Heritage resorts are spectacular and well staffed with
excellent food - the seafood restaurant at the latter
is one of the best I have eaten in and, believe me, I
have tried some fabulous places all over the world. I
spent 1 night in Cochin.

Today, the most amazing coincidence took place. On my
way back to the airport, we passed through the village
where one of the Kerala doctors I helped to train
lives, and I went to a large hospital that I knew
belonged within the family, got someone to phone him
and he appeared within 5 minutes and today is his 60th
birthday and he was very pleased with my totally
unexpected visit! He is contemplating retirement. I
met his wife and mother and was taken round their
family factory, which is clearly a huge establishment
and there is no doubt that when you are rolling in it
in India, life is great!

I shall be staying with Meherwan Nadirshaw on my
return, before I fly back on 5th December.

Love to everyone


Of course all my regular writers - Willie Shiri, Abe Hayeem,
Aubrey Ballantine, Kashinath Dandekar, Vijay Shivdasani,
Farhana, have been sending me updates. Without their inputs
life could be quite miserable - so please, please keep writing,
sending me those photographs you find in that old tin box, and
the other memobralia - and who knows, soon we may have a museum
of Cathedral School artefacts buried in the frozen Arctic.

And thank you all for the great Christmas cards that you have
sent me. These online cards are great as they are so beautiful
and alive.

And finally Season's Greetings from both of us here in Santa's
backyard. We have been feeding Rudolf to be sure he gets on flight
on time this year. Hope he wings these greetings to you before the
New Year arrives.

Love from a snow-bound cold -30 C northern city of Oulu in Finland.

Jacob Mathan
Savage House Captain 1959
Oulu, Finland