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59er Golden Reunion Directory
59er Golden Reunion Directory

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Happy Birthday Deepak

Visitors from India, including 57er Sunil Sahani and his wife, Kamal. Just for a day, but it was a great feeling to entertain one more Cathedralite here.

(photo to be posted later)

But today, my pleasure to wish Deepak Kaikini on his 61st birthday. This blog may be posted a bit late, but I did send Deepak a birthday card from all 59ers.

I have given an update to the Cathedral site about us 59ers. But I feel that I may have got all the House names wrong. So if you could send me the Houses that you were in, I would be pleased to make sure that the site reflects the true values for our class of 59. I think our list is the most complete. The only problem is that we seem to have a few which need to be corrected. We seem to have had 3 Singaras in our class. There were two already listed, but I only remember Rattan, so I added his name!! I corrected a few names which were misspelled, Sethi was listed a Vinay instead of Viney, etc....

If you want to find the email address of anyone on that list let me know and I will be pleased to oblige.

My other visitor to Finland was a Bangalorean, Anil Anathakrishna, who many of you may remember as the teenage-wonder of the 60's who later developed the world's first electric bicycle using the battery from his father's car.

Do visit his web site


which is the new company he has formed in Finland to launch his great range of electric scooters into Europe at a price which is almost half a conventional scooter here in Finland. I have invested a few bucks in his company in my grandchildrn's names as this guy, in my opinion, needs all the support to get his petrol free and pollution free technology off the ground.

No doubt, people in the scooter business, like our own Rahul Bajaj (54er), probably have an electric scooter ready to take off, but it would make a huge dent into their whole marketing set-up as well as their sales when a service free scooter, petrol free, pollution free hits the market.

I have been driving this great Finnscoot around for over a couple of months and now I have given it to a friend's 16 year son to drive it around in the Finnish forests to sort of smash it up so that we can really see how these scooters will take the hammering that young scooter drivers normally give their scooters.

I have produced my first movie using photographs taken by me when my friend Kamu put together the scooter in March and later taken by Anil during his last visit to Finland. The music is Freeplay and called "Walking The Dog". The last clip is from a video taken by the digital camera.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Newsy Notes 014 - School Song Words for 54ers!!!

Hi Cathedralites,

In response to Suhas's request, given below is the
latest version of the school song (from the
land of the midnight sun). Many changes
from the original and even the version of our

Just to inform you that Sunil Sahani (57er) and
wife, Kamal, passed through Oulu, Monday to
Wednesday, and we had a lovely time. It was
nice to think and talk about OUR School. Sunil,
like me (thanks OAG), went on to do Chemistry
(rather he did Chemical Engineering, I did
Polymer Technology) and ended his career as
Research Director of Hindustan Lever. He spent
much time in UK and in China and even has a
Chinese alternate name!!

While walking in the town centre, Kamal noticed
this cloud formation in the sky, which shows
what a beautiful, sunny, warm day we had. And it
was a day without end - literally, as it was


But all too soon, it was time to leave as they
headed for Helsinki and on to St. Petersburg.
Cathedralite Sunil Sahani and Kamal, Oulu, 2004

57er Sunil Sahani and Kamal when they left Oulu

Gopa, Sadhana's daughter, and hubby, Timo,
passed through yesterday on their way back
to their home near Helsinki. They were
returning from a trip to the Norwegian
sea coast at the top of Finland and a night
at Timo's mother's place about a hour from our

Do not forget to check out the Cathedralite blog
regularly. I will be updating over this weekend.
And we have to wish a 59er Cathedralite for his
birthday on Wednesday - and it will be up on the


Jacob Matthan
Savage House Captain 1959

Cathedral School Song 2004

Prima in Indis, Gateway of India
Door of the East with its face to the West
Here in Bombay we are living and learning
India, our country, to give you our best.

Out on the maidan at hockey or cricket,
Or now in the classroom a’driving the pen,
We will try ever to fit us, equip us,
So that in life we may serve you as men.

School School! Play up, School!
Wherever your lot may be cast,
School first, House next, Self last,
School! School! Play up, School!

Himalayan mountains and plains of the Deccan,
Wide sweeping spaces with winds blowing clean,
These are our birthright – ours to defend them,
Ours now to follow where heroes have been.

Out on the maidan our thews and our sinews,
We’ll train and will strengthen a’playing the game.
Then when we leave and go forth to our lifework,
Win for our race and our School a fair name.

School School! Play up, School!
Wherever your lot may be cast,
School first, House next, Self last,
School! School! Play up, School!

Years will roll on, and the palms still be swaying,
Out on the maidan that’s down by the sea,
Pens will be driven by new boys in classrooms
Where we are dreaming what soon we shall be.

Out on the maidan while palm shadows lengthen,
Still will re-echo the old stirring cry –
“Play up school! Let it rip! Let it thunder!
Let it resound to our Orient Sky!”

School School! Play up, School!
Wherever your lot may be cast,
School first, House next, Self last,
School! School! Play up, School!

Friday, June 04, 2004

Happy Birthday Ooks

Elijah Elias, more commonly known to us 59ers as Ooky, as he won the Ookerji Memorial Prize for English Literature with an absolutely brilliant and humourous essay way back in 1958, celebrates his 61st birthday today.

Ooky, his wife Rivca and their two Cathedralite sons, Ben Ari and Akila, are part and parcel of our family for many many reasons.

Happy birthday Ooks, and may you celebrate many many more and enjoy your grandchildren, just as we are enjoying ours.

(photo to be posted later)

Here are three 59ers, Ooky, Vijay Nayar and Vijay Shivdasani at one of our class reunions.