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59er Golden Reunion Directory
59er Golden Reunion Directory

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Some items for your attention

Can anyone identify this Cathedralite, Caroline Cattell, and help her out. I do not recognise any of the girl classmates she mentions (I was not much of a ladies man in school), but all the staff members are known to me. Caroline did not finish her schooling at Cathedral, but left in 1959. I have not figured out whether she would have been a 61er, 62er or 63er. Can someone reach out and help her?

"Hello Jacob

Hope you don't mind me contacting you.

By chance I was looking on the internet and came across the details of the pupil Reunion that the Cathedral school had and was
fascinated to read all the details.

I went to the Cathedral School in the early to late 50's when Mrs Downey was the English and Drama teacher and Mrs Bebbington was the head - does any of this ring a bell?

For several generations my family have lived in India - my father was Manager of Lloyds Bank in Bombay when we lived in Bombay and I was sent to The Cathedral. (Ed: I like that "The Cathedral".) Unfortunately I have lost touch with all the friends I made but remember very happy days at the school. I remember people like Gordi Bambote, Anne Chamarette, Bheman Homji and a few others - my memory fails me - I am now xx! (Ed: She is younger than me but it is not nice to reveal the age of a nice lady on the internet!)

I am returning to Bombay in February of next year (2007) and hope to call in at the school - just passing through on my way to New Zealand. I will be interesting to visit old haunts I remember as a child - where we lived in Malabar Hill and Colaba Causeway - I am bracing myself for a big shock - the changes!!

Would be interested to hear from you.

With regards

Caroline King (née Cattell)

When I replied her she continued:

Hello Jacob

How lovely it was to hear from you.

I do not recall any of the names that you mentioned in your email. I left the school in 1959 to return to England for good. Unfortunately I cannot remember whose class I was in but I am desperately trying to think - maybe if I have hypnosis!!!

A picture was taken of me at the school when I was in a production of country dancing - and I was in the Yellow House (Ed: Palmer in the Boys School.) - which if memory serves me right did not always do that well - I think Red (Ed: Bahram.) was the strong one! I don't remember the school doing any group pictures of the whole school?

However, I have just remembered an English girl called Lorna that was in my class - the surname escapes me. I shall think on. My surname was Cattell - hopefully someone might remember me - does anyone remember a Fiona Hopkins or an Alan Harper-Smith? Could you tell me the names of the English teachers or any of the teachers that were at the school at the time - we are talking about late fifties - I may recognise the names and go from there to remember the class I was in. I loved Mrs Downey - she was quite crisp and strict but she always brought out the best in me.

I shall stay tuned and wait in hope that you may be able to find me my team leader. I wish I had found you all before.

With best wishes


Wish I had a picture of the 1959 Girls' School Staff with a list of names. I have one of the 1958 staff - pictures and names separate which was sent to me by Barbara Rossi from Italy. However, I have put up the 1960 picture. Sorry it is not so clear but at least the names are still readable. Wish I could remember who sent it to me. It was someone who told me about the Class of 60 Reunion.

Click to see larger image.

1960 Girls' School Staff
1960 Girls' School Staff

Turning to another news item of today that appeared in WebIndia123.com which mentions a leadng Cathedalite of the early 50s, Tamiflu in chemists' shops from Wednesday: Cipla Mumbai | February 20, 2006 6:37:08 PM IST - Yusuf is the elder brother of the Cathedral duo, 52er Yusuf and 56er Muku.

"As birdflu cases have been confirmed in Maharashtra, pharma major Cipla will make available 'Tamiflu' in India from Wednesday, according to its Chairman Dr Yusuf Hamied......."

With reference to the Bird Flu now sweeping across parts of Maharashtra, 52er Yusuf was on BBC World yesterday, as also Adi Godrej. (Can anyone clarify to me which year Adi was in? I seem to remember him being several years my junior.)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

69er Prakash updates from Mumbai

59er Prakash sent me this email given below, one which I have been waiting for, for ages.

Thanks to 69er Barbara Rossi from Italy, I had this picture of 69ers in my files:

1969ers at their 35 year reunion

69ers at their 35 year reunion

Dear Jacob,

It's been ages since I corresponded with you.

Mumbai has had a spate of Music concerts and next weekend we have 3 days of some great artists performing.

The Jazz evening with Kenny Garret at the Gateway was an experience. The Moon shining with a few stars around, the subtly lit up Gateway of India, a gentle breeze blowing and one of the world's bext saxophone players regaling music starved Mumbai audience.

The Kala ghoda arts festival is on right now with old movies being screened at Max Mueller Bhavan, Plays, street vendors and of course food. The festival encourages children's participation in painting, origami, pottery and other arts.

The Mumbai festival that ended in January was a big disappointment as compared to last years.

Meenu and I have travelled extensively over December and January. Dubai for the first time - the city of gold everything glitzy and heady with the aroma of attar everywhere, and Goa, and Bangalore.

I was extremely fortunate to visit Saigon to check out business prospects. I tried some unmentionable foods including eels.

Right now our weather is changing from a very plesant mild winter to trying hot summer descending upon us.

The wedding season is not yet over so one sees plenty weddings at the Marine Drive Gymkhanas and even the Cooperage grounds are used with decorations like a mini Taj Mahal being built on the grounds to entertain over 5000 guests. The trees on our street are decorated with lights.

The area is being cleaned up but the roads are all dug up all over Mumbai. The Civic authorities want to level all major arterial roads before the monsoons set in.

The stock exchange touched the mystical figure of 10,000 this afternoon. Everyone is overjoyed and the TV stations proclaim that it will hit 12000 within two months.

The famed "Derby" was held Mahalakshmi Race Course yesterday, the first Sunday in February, drawing crowds of about 25000. People dressed to make an impact and be noticed.

The winner was rank outsider, Velvet Rope available at 10 to 1 odds & as the favourites failed, it gave all the bookies a fantastic earning.

Must end now.

More news when time permits.

My classmate, Barbara Rossi, is in Mumbai with her Mom. Meeting her on Wednesday at Anil Harish's residence.

Cheers and thank you for remembering me with this lovely gift I have placed right next to the computer.

Thanks for the update Prakash and give our love to Barbara when you see her. Do send us some photographs from the small reunion. Both of you have many followers!