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59er Golden Reunion Directory
59er Golden Reunion Directory

Monday, December 13, 2004

Two on one day

Two birthdays among 59ers on the same day. Both live in the US - Noel Ezekiel in California and Peter Miovic in Washington. Here is a photograph of Noel, (top row), Peter (1st Standing row) and me (sitting, duly encircled to refresh your memories!! Lots of others there.


School Prefects - 1959

Happy birthday to both of you from all 59ers, and Annikki and myself (a 59er no doubt).

Peter is quite a famous economist working in the World Bank, while Noel is an equally famous person doing real estate work.

Armeane Choksi (59er) has gone missing for me - as his email address is bouncing. Could someone in the US please check up and update me.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Some Cathedralite / Stephanian News

Willie (Cathedral Physics Teacher 50s & 60s) in Canada has just updated me on some Cathedralite / Stephanian news.

He has only received a one sentence input of this year's Founders Day in Mumbai. Hasnain (59er) is travelling in India, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Will someone feed me with info.

Roshni, (wife of Stephanian Raj who is the son of former Prinipal Sircar of my era in Stephen's), who is also the aunt of my sister-in-law, is back in Canada after a holiday in Bangalore. Willie does say that Bangalore has become over-populated and polluted and as a possible result, Roshni was ill with bronchial trouble. I am fully in agreement with that statement about Bangalore judging from my last visit there a few years ago.

Willie and Pushpa are off for a 10 day, 6 island, cruise in the Eastern Caribbean. Hope both of you have a great holiday.

Happy Birthday, Vikram

Today is Vikram Kamdar's birthday.

Anyone who knows Bombay (Mumbai) has heard of Kamdar and their absolutely great furniture lines. Living in Finland, the land of absolutely superb furniture design as Asko and Isku, let me assure you that the furniture I knew from Kamdars could be counted amongst the best in the world!!

When I was a kid, I used to go to see his showroom opposite the Eros theatre and drool over the great furniture lines that were in the store. I used to run home and tell my mom. Sure enough she would go and have a look at what I liked. We had some great Kamdar furniture. But when my parents left Mumbai, we lost the whole lot when the transfer to Bangalore took place in the early 70's.

I tried to send Vikram an eCard from all of us. The first time the website locked and dispatched the card on the 5th. The second time it locked and has scheduled to send it on the 15th. So I changed websites and finally managed to send one which should reach him today (hopefully). I have apologised to Vikram privately, but here is my public apology as well.

More birthday's of 59ers coming up this week, so stay tuned.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Visitors from South Finland

Yesterday, we had visitors from South Finland. Gopa, Sadhana's (Cathedralite 54er) daughter, her husband, Timo, and his son, Peteri. Timo's mother lives about 80 km east of Oulu and they had visited her over this long weekend, as today is a holiday - Finnish Independence Day.

We had lunch at Michelle's Chinese restaurant. Michelle is of Chinese origin but very much a Calcutta girl. The food she makes us is great. Annikki could not join us as she was busy looking after her mother, so we brought back food for Mika and her.

Tonight, most Finns will be glued to the TV as they see the parade of their dignatories at the Presidential Ball in the Palace. Ladies dress up to see who gets the best coverage, sometimes those with the least coverage, in the tabloids!! Annikki watches if she has time. I do not as they never show the foreign dignatories. They always break for the news when the Ambassadors are being welcomed by the President and her husband.

Last night, Annikki was busy with her art creations from snow and ice in the garden. They are truly outstanding. I hope I can learn to put some of those images here on the blog.

Whenever thoughts flash through my mind on any subject, I will post them on this blog. So do come and visit it when you have a few moments to spare and do post your comments.