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59er Golden Reunion Directory
59er Golden Reunion Directory

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

54ers mourn two friends

I received the very sad news that, probably the oldest Cathedralite, 97 year old mother of 54er Zarrin Aga (née Lam) passed away. Our deepest condolences to Zarrin and her family.

We lost a 54er, Vasant Khandke on February 18 in England. Our condolences to his wife, Valerie, who is devasted to be parted from her beloved partner of the past 38 years. Vasant lived with Valerie in Harpenden, Herts., in England.

Contrary to rumours floating about - the Seventh Heaven Blog has not been shut down.

As I have been very busy, I have not had time to update it with all the news that has been reaching me.

There is, however, one problem I do want to mention now.

Several of you, who have registered to be updated whenever I update my blog, have been getting notices that the blog has been updated. However, when you come to see the blog, there are no visible updates.

This can be for two reasons.

The first is happening quite frequently in that when someone out there reads an old entry and then posts a comment, the blog updater sends out this info, but fails to mention where the update has taken place.

This is very frustrating, especially for me, as I would like to acknowledge the comment, and reply if necessary.

I have brought it to the notice of the Google Blog Administrators.

The second reason is a glitch in the Updater software as it is recording a change in the ownership of the blog, which is untrue, and it is also updating me about this.

I have informed the Google Administrators also about this glitch.

As it is so annoying, I would like to suggest you unsubscribe from this service till such time as it is fixed - which I will inform you via the blog!

However, do chxck in once a week till I get this Blog working again on a regular basis.

I should start getting my life back in order soon and then I will start my regular blog updates. But till then you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

News of the 59ers GOLDEN REUNION is November 2009 is now in the pipeline. So stay tuned on the Blog as well as the 59ers Google Group as I put together this info.

The Mumbai Organisers have done an outstanding job.

We 59ers will be having the Mother of all Reunions between the 11th and 18th of November this year. Wow, what a programme lies ahead.