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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Volume 16 Issue 1: Will you be like this when you are 97?

1st June 2016, Oulu, Finland

Welcome back to the Seventh Heaven Blog. This is an online blog for all Mumbai Cathedralites spread around this globe.

Late 56er Harminder Singh Uberoi, School Captain, lovingly called Ubi, had asked me to restart this blog just a few weeks before his passing. Ubi had been my friend, guide and mentor as well as fact checker for my nostalgic stories. 

More about Ubi in a later blog entry as he deserves an entry of his own!

This blog originated for 59er Cathedralites in 1996. But as I have set up a separate very active Seventh Heaven Google Group for them, this blog will not concentrate on issues which are central to their intetests, but on matters Cathedralite.

The important question I would like you to answer is whether you would like me to update this blog every fortnight or every month. 

I have no shortage of nostalgic stories for this audience. I have already over 75 topics on my list which I intend to touch upon. Stories about the alma mater, former staff, alumni, nostalgic recollections seen from my viewpoint and lots of great feedback from you out there. No politics!

What subject to best touch upon in this the inaugural issue but on the oldest known Cathedralite. 

97 year grand lady

Hilla Pocha who lives in Mumbai is 97 years old. Her sister, Kurshed Colah, is 77 years old. (Kurshed must have been a 53er!) 

Here are a couple of pictures of the two sisters at the 2009 at a Cathedral Middle School celebration where they were the chief guests along with the other Chief Guest, Principal Meera Issacs.

Copyright Cathedral and John Connon Middle School

The pictures are from the School website. (http://www.cathedral-school.com/ContentImage.aspx?id=2&catid=10&pageid=627&mid=111)

What made me alive to Hilla is a picture which was sent to me by 53er Pushpa (nee Doongursee) Bhatia, which appeared in the Mumbai Times of India and the Ahmedabad Mirror (also of the Times Group) which had been written by very good reporter, Reema Gehi.

I emailed Reema complimenting her on the excellent article and asking whether she had been a Cathedralite. (I have not received a reply as yet.)

Copyright Times of India

This very human story by Reema was about a smiling Hilla attending a performance of 80 year old master conductor, Zubin Mehta's performance in Mumbai when she was 97. 

Interesting was she baby-sat a 2 months old Zubin.

Hilla is a violinist herself. She has played with Mehli and Tehmina Mehta, the parents of Zubin. 

Zubin Mehta is not a Cathedralite as he passed out of St. Mary's School in Mumbai. (Our loss!)

I hope all of you will wish Hilla all the best and we hope we will be around to celebrate her 100 years. 

Next Issue: My next feature article on the Seventh Heaven Blog (http://cathedraliteheaven.blogspot.com) will be about a 104 year old Mumbai breakfast household name who supported every event of our alma mater in the 60s.

Comments: Please enter a small comment on this article so that I am encouraged to bring you Cathedralite nostalgia. Please share this with your Cathedralite friends of all ages. 

Do mention which year you were in Cathedral as I normally address everyone with a prefix - I am a 59er. (Privately send me your email address if you want me to update you prior to every issue.)

Author: I was a Prefect in 1958 and 1959 as well as School Hockey Goalkeeper for both years. I was also Savage House Captain in 1959! I am sitting second from the right next to Abe Hayeem. 

1959 School Prefects

Competition: Identify all those in the picture and you can win a prize. The competition is not open to 59ers or anyone in the picture or their spouses.

Author: Here is a recent picture taken at the 55th reunion of our 59er class in 2014 taken by 59er Hasnain Chinwala (Chinnie) of me with a beard with my wife of the last 49 years, Annikki, artist, author, educationist, who comes from Oulu, Finland, where we now live. (Annikki is a truly amazing person and has looked after me devotedly. She has been great girlfriend, and now friend, wife, mother and grandmother!)

Annikki and Jacob 2014, at late 59er Ashok Kapur's Alibaug home hosted by his wife Madhu Kapur. (Copyright 59er Hasnain Chinwala)

See you in a fortnight.

Jacob Matthan
Oulu, Finland

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