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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Newsy Notes 013 - Too strong about Catcall?

having poured in. I thought a final posting before
Christams Day should wind up this year on a high.


“Memory is always a rendezvous.”
Isabel Allende

1. Too hard on Catcall?
2. Report from Founders Day 2003
3. One more 59er joins the group
4. Cancer, Ann Wigmore and the Hippocrates Health Institute
5. Back to Pune
6. 53 Boxing Team Identification
7. 59er who inspires me the most
8. Reunion of 54ers
9. Percy is Jazzing along
10. Annikki’s Designs for 2003

1. Too hard on Catcall?

“Time and money spent in helping men do more for
themselves is far better than mere giving.”

Henry Ford

In the last issue of Newsy Notes I came down rather hard
on Catcall, our Old Student Alumni magazine, for not sending
me a copy of the July 2003 issue after they had asked and
got 3 articles from me. I went so far as to make a tongue-
in-cheek statement that no-one would probably write for
Catcall if this was the commonplace behaviour.

I got a nice letter back from one of the people behind Catcall.
He apologised but said that they had not been able to publish
Catcall in July 2003 due to shortage of funds. They hoped to
bring out an issue shortly where they would use 2 of my

The crux of the matter seems to be problems with finance
and management.

This is extremely difficult to understand. When I had a
financial problem to put out my web version of Seventh
Heaven, just one mention in an issue on the web and
cheques from Cathedralites to the tune of US $7000
poured in from every corner of the world. Luckily,
things changed for the better. I did not need to use
the money sent to me and I returned it in toto to those
who came forward to help me.

MAGAZINE crying for help. Is no-one able to help them
with any funds to see it is published?

I think that this problem has to be handled professionally.

According to my source within Catcall they need Rs. 90000
(US $2000) to bring out a single issue. As they would like to
publish 2 issues per annum, there is a requirement of
US $4000.

May I request all of you to consider one of the 4 solutions given
below to help Catcall.

1. Pledge some small amount to ensure that Catcall can be published.

“I, Jacob Matthan, 59er, humbly pledge Euro 0.30 per day
(Euro 109 per annum) for Catcall for 2004 and for every
subsequent year of my sane life until the magazine is
financially self-sufficient.”

Those who want to pledge some such small contribution can
contact me and I will tell you how to make this possible.

2. We have so many printers and publishers in our midst. Will
one of you in turn ensure that you take a turn on the work on
a cost basis to publish an iussue of Catcall.

As a publisher myself, I am prepared to put out one issue at
my cost during the latter half of 2005. All material and
specifications should be sent to me by 1st July 2005 to be able
to put out the 145th FOUNDERS DAY ISSUE of CATCALL.

3. Many Old Students are involved with the paper industry.
Is there anyone who can pledge to give the necessary art
paper to the specifications laid down by Catcall for an issue
of Catcall. Almost 60% of the cost of a publication lies in the
cost of the paper (Finnish experience) so this would
substantially reduce the cost of production.

4. For the more slothful and financially more prudent amongst
ou, could you please ask your advertising agencies to ensure
that advertising space is reserved for the two issues per annum
of Catcall. This would mean no PERSONAL FINANCIAL obligation
from your part but only a tax deductible expense from your
company’s profits.

These are just a few of the ideas that have struck me since
I received that plea from Catcall. I feel that Catcall should
get a Professional Publications Manager to take care of
ensuring that all possible resources are tapped and that
the two promised issues of Catcall are brought out
EVERY YEAR, not just 2004 and 2005.

Come on Cathedralites - let us Seventh Heaveners pull
Catcall out of a mire.

2. Report from Founders Day 2003

“Dependent people need others to get what they want. 
Independent people can get what they want through
their own efforts. Interdependent people combine
their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their
greatest success.”

Stephen Covey

I am thankful for Vijay Shivdasani for providing me with
the basis for this year’s Founders day Report.

“Today is Founders Day and yes, like you I have lost count ,
143rd? Anyway I did attend the Church Service and it was
still dignified, elegant and emotional and well organised,
just as it has been for me these last 8 years that I have
attended after returning to India. But this year I recieved
an invite card from the school Principal!! What do you know!

The service still follows the same pattern as it did when
we were in school except that today some of the parents are
invited to attend, space being short some of the school
boys and girls, therefore, cannot. The choir and the
organist performed par excellance and the JOSH among
the boys and girls when they "Let it Rip Let it Thunder" was

After the service there was a fairly simple tea at the middle
school which I attended as I could not meet everyone I knew
at the service. I think I was the only 59er present cause no
one came up nor did I recognise any of our mates - guys or gals.
Among those of our time were --Yuko Hamid, 53er Vilma
(née Hayeem) Ladni, sister of Benji, Abe, Gracie and 59er Ellis,
Rabi Ahuja Head boy of the Class of 53, Anees -- this class
had a Reunion of their 50th Anniversary as also did the Class
of 1963 -- their 40th.

David Keiden, Billy Kapur, Aidoon Kajiji were some whom I met.

After the tea I took a chukker of the Bombay Gym -- in yesteryear
I used to play cricket and even Captained the Old Boys team a
few times. and sure enough the teams were getting ready for battle
-- they were equipped with guards and shields and arms ready
for action.

That was about it cause I had to get back pronto to my office
-- there was no dinner this year for the Alumni. in fact I think
the Catalumni org is going thru a bad patch from the financials
point of view.

Cheers for OUR Founders Day,

59er Vijay Shivdasani,
Retired Naval Commander
Indian Navy”

Another statement here from Vijay about the bad finances.
I do hope that someone out there will take it on hand to put
the Catalumni and Catcall back on their feet financially.

3. One more 59er joins the group

“We need each other, you and I,
tho strangers we may be.
For all you are and all that I need
may very well be one in the same.
Take good care of you and me.”

Bob Perks

It gives me very great pleasure, with the active involvement of
Hasnain Chinwalla in Canada, to welcome one more 59er to
our fold. Here is his own introduction:

“Thanks for your e-mail. I shall try and give you a summary
of what I've been doing since I left Cathedral in 1958. Here
is a description of himself:

I did my A - Level exams at Forest Hill School in South London.
We then moved to Isleworth in West London. In 1962 I started
my medical course at the Free University in West Berlin (as it
was at the time). In 1967 I got married to Roopa, who also
comes from Bombay. After qualification from the Free University
I worked as an Intern / Houseman in Berlin for a couple of
years and then returned back to the UK. On my return I had
to redo the english medical exam and then work in hospital
for two years before getting my full registration with the General
Medical Council. In 1974 I joined my father in General Practice.
Initially I worked in partnership with him and on his retirement
I continued as a single-handed practitioner. In 2001 I took
early retirement from General Practice.

Roopa and I have two children, Nina who is now working as
a Solicitor specializing in criminal cases and Sunil who is
working as marketing director wit a sports information
company called Sportcal.com.

At present I'm enjoying my retirement!

I hope this is enough information for you.”

The first person who sends me an email identifying this
individual, and Hasnain and ??? are obviously barred from
taking part, will get a great little gift all the way from Oulu, Finland.

4. Cancer, Ann Wigmore and the Hippocrates Health Institute

“Flowers grow out of dark moments.”
Corita Kent

There have been three very depressing reports to me
during the last couple of months of Cathedralites and
members of their families who have been afflicted by
cancer and who are undergoing chemotherapy.

May I suggest something that Annikki and I have seen
has worked wonders for a couple of friends of ours here
in Finland. It is the work of Ann Wigmore and the
foundation by her of the Hippocrates Health Institute
over 40 years ago. You can find historical details
on the web page


and from the other pages at the site.

We can sincerely say that we have seen the wonders of
this program with regard to cure of certain types of cancer.
Please give it a chance.

You can get an experience from the book
(Click on link to see full details of this book.
It appears to be out of stock but try to order
it from your local bookseller or contact me
and I will try to get you second hand copy.)

“How I Conquered Cancer Naturally” by Eydie Mae, Chris Loeffler

Annikki and I are praying for those afflicted and hope all
of you will pray for our friends who have to suffer this agony.

5. Back to Pune

“Friendship with oneself is all-important,
because without it one cannot be friends
with anyone else.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

One of my most dearest correspondents who has lived
for several years in Chennai is 54er Sadhana Madhusadan.
I have become exceptionally close to Sadhana. Her
daughter, Gopa, is now married to a Finn and has been
living in South Finland. We have been having regular
phone sessions.

Sadhana has informed me that she is closing shop in
Chennai and moving back to her home in Pune. Gopa
is there to help her. Timo, Gopa’s Finnish husband,
spoke to me that he will visit India in January /
February 2004.

Gopa, Sadhana and Madhu (Sadhana’s Mallu
husband - another good reason for my closeness
to Sadhana and her family), have just visited our
younger daughter, Joanna, husband, Tony and
grandson, Samu, in Chennai where they are
enjoying a well deserved holiday.

Friendship grows by leaps and bounds if one is
prepared to go outside of one’s normal boundaries.

6. Boxing Team of 53 Identification

“There are two ways of exerting one's strength:
one is pushing down, the other is pulling up.”

Booker T. Washington

The jury is still out as to who gets the prize for identification
of the maximum number of people in the CBS Boxing Team
Photograph of 1952 (original submitted by Aubrey Ballantine,
and resubmitted by 54er Subhas Phadke) that I circulated
recently. We have to identify one individual to decide who
gets the prize. If we fail to identify the person, we shall give
the prize to both those who were nearest the full identification.

As soon as the judges give me their verdict I will release that
fabulous prize - a special Alvar Aalto design glass object.
Alvar Aalto was Finland’s greatest architect, but he also
designed art glass objects. The Aalto Vase was designed
way back in 1936. The Aalto Flower was designed in 1938.

Several of you asked permission to pass on this photograph
- please do - and please give credit to our two submitters,
Aubrey and Subhas.

7. The 59er who inspires me the most

“We must pursue peaceful ends through peaceful

Martin Luther King

I always get treasures from a 59er Narsys (née Irani) Punthakee.
These are the last two nuggets of pure gold she sent me:

Dear Friend ,

Best wishes for the Holiday Season to you and yours.
Thanks for making contact again.

You will like this thought for Meditation......

" Knowledge is proud that it knows so much ,
Wisdom is humble that it knows no more ! "

Peace Reign Supreme !


Dear Friend,

Thanks for your prompt replies .

May the Peace and Joy of the Holiday Season be with you
and your Dear ones now and eternally!

A thought for Meditation ...........

"I shall pass this way but once ,
Therefore whatever good thoughts good words good deeds
I can share,
Let me do it now ....
Let me not defer or neglect it ...
For I shall not pass this way again ! "

Your friend Narsys.

Thank you Narsys for being MY FRIEND but I do hope you
pass this way again, and again, and again...

8. Reunion of 54ers

“Do not try to live forever. You will not succeed.”
George Bernard Shaw

Could there be any better reason for attending a 50th
year reunion than the above?

54ers, please get to work as many are busy preparing
their schedules. May I draw attention to the email I
received from Rumy Kapadia:

From: rumy kapadia
Subject: Re: FW: Urgent message for Rumi Kapadia
To: Jacob Matthan

My telephone no. is: 0044 (0)1438 313848
After many and varied emails, including a letter to
the Principal of Cathedral School - and no proper idea
of a date - I have just this week signed up for going
to the Adelaide "Ring" with a close friend. It means
that I will be there from 25th November to 3rd
December 2004, But am available before and after,
which is really what I had hoped would happen.

I hope you guys and girls organise the 2004 get-together
as soon as possible so that as many of you can take part.
Now that Sadhana is back in Pune (nearer Bombay),
maybe she can take the lead in the organising.

I have an almost complete list of 54er Old Boys, only a
few left to be tracked down still. So let me know who is
organising so I can send the list to him / her.

9. 59er Percy is Jazzing along

“Jazz adds life to life.” corrupted from Mario Luzi’s
Italian saying “Poetry adds life to life.”

Percy is a budding jazz muscian in our 59er group.
He wrote to say:

“We have recorded some songs on a CD and another one
(CD) where we are playing at the International Jazz Concert
last year - the last Jazz India concert (I think ) at Rang
Bhavan - (which by the way is now closed to concerts
because of some stupid law regarding use of speakers
in public places after certain times).”

I have told him that when he sends me the CDs I will stream
them over the internet as mp3s to our faithful crowd.

10. Annikki’s Special Designs 2003

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace;
making the complicated simple, awesomely simple,
that's creativity.”

Charles Mingus

Every year at this time I release Annikki’s Design of the Year.
During the last few years it has been Ginger Bread Cakes or
other types of cakes. However, my better half is a designer of
many many beautiful things, most of them made by recycling
rubbish. This year, however, I have two unusual designs which
compete for top slot in her Best Design for the Year 2003.


Table Top Aquarium
designed by Annikki Matthan, 2003

The first is a Table Aquarium. It is constructed out of an old
shallow plastic flower pot tray in an aluminium frame which
she got for a couple of Euros from the flea market. She covered
the bottom with white gravel, put in a few sea shells and stones
collected over the years from various locations from Kanyakumari
to the shores of Oulu. I added a recirculating water pump with
filter to ensure sufficient water areation. Then came the goldfish
fish she had to take in from her outdoor pond to survive the
winter. She added a few catfish to do the cleaning of the
aquarium. I added a nice thick clear Perspex (acrylic) top mounted
loosely on to of six cylindical platics discs stuck to the broad edge
of the plastic flower pot tray which ensured that there was
sufficient space to allow free air circulation over the water, and
hey presto, we had the world’s first Table Aquarium. A nice
Tiffany Turtle lamp on top added to the other simple decorations,
and we have our cat sitting on top of the table salivating at the
dinner she dreams of swimming under her very feet.

The aquarium is both functional and very attractive and certainly
stands head and shoulders above the various other designs
made by her earlier during 2003.

Used Bulbs as an Art Form,
designed by Annikki Matthan, 2003

However, during the last few days of the year I found Annikki
very busy sitting at her work table busy painting several dead
light bulbs. She has been collecting all the bulbs that have gone
dead over the years. From these painted bulbs she has created
a variety of artefacts. I picture just one of them made with
ordinary steel wire and few bits of glass baubles. She has
made several designs including bulbs which look like pears
(painted green) and apples, etc. and using aluminium strips
to cut out what acts as leaves, etc.

Enclosure 3

This art from junk bulbs features as a close contender for the title
of Top Design for the Year 2003 with her Table Aquarium.

Which one would you opt for?

“No winter lasts forever;
no spring skips its turn.”
Hal Borland

With temperatures taking a downturn to -30 C the above
saying stays foremost in our mind.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas once again and have
a wonderful, wonderful New Year. And keep emailing us -
we love to hear from you.

Annikki & Jacob Matthan
Savage House captain 1959
Oulu, Finland