59er Golden Reunion Directory

59er Golden Reunion Directory
59er Golden Reunion Directory

Sunday, August 07, 2005

100% Attendance at Reunion again!

Professor Ajeet Mathur who lives in South Finland in the largest Industrial town, Tampere, was here for a brief visit. He arrived by the early morning train at 07:30 and left by the train at 16:00 hours the same day.

Ajeet and me

Ajeet and me

In the meantime we managed to have two alma mater reunions.

Like me, he is a Mumbai Cathedralite. But also like me he is a Delhi Stephanian.

And we are the only two Cathedralites and Stephanians in Finland.

So, whenever we meet, it is a Reunion with 100% attendance.

There are few who share this unique combination:

  • Cathedralite 54er, Stephanian 58er Rahul Bajaj,

  • Cathedralite 56er, Stephanian 60er Ranjit Matthan,

  • Cathedralite 57er, Stephanian 61er Ashok Jaitly (Tony),

  • Cathedralite 58er, Stephanian 62er Dr. Peter Philip (Tubby),

  • Cathedralite 59er, Stephanian 63er Jacob Matthan (Dead Chicken),

  • Cathedralite 59er, Stephanian 60er The late Jacob Eapen (for a very short time a Stephanian),

  • Cathedralite 59er, Stephanian 63er Sujit Bhattacharya,

  • Cathedralite 70er, Stephanian 75er Professor Ajeet Mathur

If you know of anyone else who has this combination - please do let me know.