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Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Newsy Notes 011 - Petition for Peace

Dear Cathedralies,

A regular issue of Newsy Notes is in the pipeline. Meanwhile:

As you are aware, Annikki and I have been actively involved in
building friendship bridges around the world covering presently
over 90 countries and almost 150,000 people. There is not much
we ask from our friends.

But it is now time to ask you one great favour.

We are hoping you can join us to send an emergency petition
from citizens around the world to the U.N. Security Council.
The petition is going to be delivered to the 15 member states of
the Security Council on THURSDAY, MARCH 6, 2003.

If hundreds of thousands of us sign, it could be an enormously
important and powerful message -- people from all over the
world joining in a single call for a peaceful solution. But
we really need everyone who agrees to sign up TODAY.

You can do so easily and quickly at:


The stakes couldn't really be much higher. A war with Iraq
could kill tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians and inflame
the Middle East. According to current plans, it would require
an occupation of the country for years to come. And
it could escalate in ways that are too horrifying to imagine.

We can stop this tragedy from unfolding. But we need to speak
together, and we need to do so now. Let's show the Security
Council what world citizens think.

We dislike dictators in any corner of the world. Our sympathies
always lie with the ordinary people of every country. We do not
like to see death and destruction being carried out in OUR NAME.

When the Peace March took place in Oulu on 15th February 2003,
Jacob was able to document this photographically on the web.
You will find it at:

Not In My Name

Jacob also had a protracted email correspondence with an
"educated" American which you can find at

Correspondence with an "educated" American

We were shocked by the attitude.

Please also point your friends to


to sign the worldwide sponsored petition for peace.

Thank you,

Annikki & Jacob Matthan
Savage House Captain 1959
Oulu, Finland