59er Golden Reunion Directory

59er Golden Reunion Directory
59er Golden Reunion Directory

Thursday, March 27, 2008

64ers are getting more active

I am getting tons of mail as the 64ers have had a sudden spurt of energy.

I am posting a picture of 64er Deepak Deshpande and 64er Homi Mulla, which Deepak tried to circulate - but failed.

Also here is a picture of the Boys School Staff of either 1964 or 1965.

I have a list of 64ers Boys not yet located:-

Shishir Bajaj, Shekhar Bajaj, Aranaprasad Balramdas, Neville Bharucha, Jal Bilimoria, Sorab Boga, Homi Commisariat, Burjor Cooper, Homi Dadabhoy, Dady Dadyburjor, Anand Desai, Darryl Devoss, Brian Elias, Maurice Ezeckiel, Christopher Fido, ?. Gane, Shyam Ghia, Michael Gutsatz, Chris Hardwick, Timothy Hines, Rumi Irani, Michael Issaacson, Satish Jain, Renan Jeffries, Manohar Jesudian, S Jha, Vinod Khiani, Vinod Khurana, Ramesh Kinra, Paul Kurien, ?. Lalkaka, Rajiv Madon, Samy Major, Kumar Malani, Mohan Malani, Cawas Mistry, Noel Morris, Neville Nunes, Homi Patel, Vinay Podar, Solly Sassoon, Anil Seth, Dhun Sethna, Sammy Sopher, Mohan Vaswani, Richard Wood, Khider Zakiuddin,

If you have information concerning any of these 64ers, please let me know. I will inform the people concerned.

If Paul Kurien is the brother of 58er John Kurien, we know John is in Pune. If Neville Nunes is the brother of Trevor, we know 59er Trevor is also presently in Pune. And if Sammy Sopher is in any way related to 45er David, 51er Abe, 59er Mark Sopher or any of the Sopher girls, he can be traced from my database.

This hunt is getting exciting.....

Keep up the good work 64ers, and do let me have more photographs!

1 comment:

michel said...

The hunt is over for one of the persons listed here!

I saw my name - and why did I not imagine before that I should writemy first name as Michael instead of the regular Michel!

What a world of coincidences: a month back I started searching for news of two of my former classmates Roni Khan and F.Suntook...

By the way my email is michel@gutsatz.com

All your messages are welcome!

Hope to have fresh news soon!

Michel Gutsatz